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+ Athletes
Cole Hamels, 2008 World Series M.V.P., Three Time All-Star (07, 11, 12)
"With a few more miles per hour and extra endurance throughout the season, the Phantom Throwing Sleeve could be the ticket to winning 20 games and a Cy Young Award!"

– Cole Hamels, 2008 World Series M.V.P., Four Time All-Star

Ryan Pressly, MLB Pitcher Minnesota Twins
"This spring training and season I wanted to make a statement. Using the Phantom weighted sleeve, I’ve done that. I’m consistently 94-98mph…topping out at 99!"

– Ryan Pressly, MLB Pitcher Minnesota Twins

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+ Doctors
Dr. James M. Bried, M.D.
"As an orthopedic surgeon, I have evaluated the weighted sleeves. . . . I compared it to other products in the industry and feel that it has a great potential in regards to safely strengthening the muscles that are important in creating velocity and spin in throwing a baseball. It would also be a valuable tool for rehabilitation."

– Dr. James M. Bried, M.D.

Dr. Bill Previte
“Phantom Weights is unique and spot-on as to the needs of all levels of athletic conditioning. Your theories are sound and the concept has limitless application and potential.”

– Dr. Bill Previte

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+ Trainers
Andrew Fischer, PGA Tour Performance Coach
"I think the Phantom Weights Compression Sleeves are one of the best training tools any athlete can have. As a top level performance coach, I have incorporated the sleeves with all of my golfers for speed training. Phantom Weights allow for unhindered mobility that doesn't effect the kinematic sequence of the swing."

– Andrew Fischer, PGA Tour Performance Coach

“In my 25 years of professional baseball I have never seen a tool out there where an athlete can increase arm speed while maintaining proper mechanics…all that changed when I saw Phantom’s weighted sleeves. It is the first complete training device that directly translates to the action completed in competition. It is the ultimate training tool and I plan on using with my amateur and professional athletes.”

– Dominic Johnson, Professional Pitching Coach