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Dr. James M. Bried, M.D.
"As an orthopedic surgeon, I have evaluated the weighted sleeves. . . . I compared it to other products in the industry and feel that it has a great potential in regards to safely strengthening the muscles that are important in creating velocity and spin in throwing a baseball. It would also be a valuable tool for rehabilitation."

– Dr. James M. Bried, M.D.

Dr. Bill Previte
“Your innovation is unique and spot-on as to the needs of all levels of athletic conditioning. Your theories are sound and the concept has limitless application and potential.”

– Dr. Bill Previte

Dr. John Eliot
“As an advisor to Hall of Fame and Olympic athletes, I am excited to see a product that fills a very significant training need. We are entering a new post performance enhancing drug era in which athletes are clamoring for strength building resources that are safe AND highly effective. Phantom has developed a tool that is truly superior in both dimensions.”

– Dr. John Eliot