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Get Quicker. Jump Higher.

The Phantom Weighted Sleeves are perfect for any player looking to ADD ANKLE BREAKING QUICKNESS and HIGH FLYING LEAPING ABILITY to their game. Put the weighted sleeves on, go practice and experience IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Incorporate the sleeves with what you already do. There’s no special coaching or complex programs to follow. We aren’t telling you how to do the movements, just making the EXACT MOVEMENTS you would do in a game MORE POWERFUL. Since the weight is added to the body you can USE PHANTOM IN ANY DRILL/ANY TIME—simply adapt the sleeves to your workout and ENHANCE EVERY REP you take.
Phantom specializes in “Functional Strength Training”--meaning, unlike other weighted training aids, Phantom weighted sleeves strategically position an optimal amount of weight directly on the arms and/or legs. This is important for two main reasons: 1) Strategic and optimal weight placement allows the athlete to safely add resistance to their running, jumping and dribbling motions without compromising their mechanics; and 2) This allows the athlete to practice exactly as they would perform in a game with the same ball they would use in a game, thus reinforcing actual game reps. Simply put, the athlete is now able to STRENGTHEN THE EXACT MUSCLE GROUPS used in game situations while reinforcing the correct muscle memory. The result is INCREASED SPEED, QUICKNESS, POWER and EXPLOSION.

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