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Science behind the Sleeves

What are Phantom compression weighted sleeves?

Phantom weighted sleeves are compression sleeves made from a stretchable neoprene fabric that incorporate flexible metal weights, which allow for Functional Strength Training during practice and training. Meaning, the athlete is able to strengthen and develop the EXACT muscle groups used during game performance. This unique and innovative design enables the athlete to HIT FARTHER, THROW HARDER and RUN FASTER without compromising their mechanics.

How Phantom Works

Just put it on and go play! Unlike other weighted training aids, Phantom weighted sleeves strategically position an optimal amount of weight directly on the arms and/or legs. Specifically, the forearm portion of the arms and the calf portion of the legs. This is important for two main reasons: 1) Strategic and optimal weight placement allows the athlete to safely add resistance to their throwing, swinging, running and/or jumping motions without messing up their mechanics; and 2) This allows the athlete to practice with the same equipment (ball, bat, club, racquet, etc) as they would use in competition, thus not disrupting their Autonomic Nervous System (their repeater muscles). Simply put, the athlete is now able to strengthen the EXACT muscle groups used in game situations, while reinforcing the correct muscle memory through normal reps in practice. The result is increased STRENGTH, POWER and SPEED.

Why Phantom Works

When adding resistance to the athlete’s motion the body must overcome this resistance, and in doing so the athlete builds strength and power. By placing the weight on the body, the user is now engaging the quick twitch muscle fibers and strengthening both the accelerator and decelerator muscle groups. This enables the athlete to become more powerful in their desired motions. More power translates to increased arm speed when throwing, increased bat/club/racquet speed when swinging and more explosive running and jumping ability. And no matter the strength level of the user, every time the sleeves are used the minimal added resistance will work to build strength and power in the muscles. Therefore, the sleeves can always be used even as the athlete gets stronger.

Furthermore, there is an acute benefit when the user takes the sleeves off. They will have the sensation that their arms and/or legs feel lighter immediately after the sleeves are removed. The body doesn’t know the weight has been removed; therefore the muscles and quick twitch fibers will fire to overcome the perceived resistance. Since the arms and/or legs are indeed lighter the athlete is actually increasing their arm speed, swing speed and ability to be explosive when running and/or jumping. This can result in immediate substantial gains in performance.