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Pitching Training Aids

Pitching takes a lot of coordination, skill, and power. Once you master the technique, you want to make your pitches more powerful. One of the best ways to improve your pitching skills and increase power is with pitching training aids. Phantom Weights has incredible products that you can use when you train.

What Are Phantom Weights?

Phantom Weights are wearable weights that fit snugly over your forearms or calves to improve your workouts. Our weights are made with neoprene sleeves that you slip onto your body before you complete your training program. You will immediately add power to the plate, velocity to your throw, and more speed when throwing to bases. You don’t need to do any specialized training. All you need to do is wear the pitching training aids while you perform your typical workout or training routine. The sleeves add weight to the specific areas of the body that benefit from them so that you will increase the power to your arms and legs.

Getting the Most from Your Pitching Training

You don’t need to follow any specialized coaching or practice exercises to use Phantom Weights. Incorporate the pitching training aids into your regular training. You will notice that they improve your movements when you take part in your workout, practice, or drill. Use them every time you practice and exercise to get the most from Phantom Weights. You will see that they are easy to put on and take off, and you can wash them when necessary. Choose the arm sleeves and arm straps for pitching training to increase velocity and power. We offer youth and adult sizes, so they fit your body correctly.

Which Pitching Training Aids Are Best?

The goal of our pitching training aids is to improve your strength so you can throw faster and harder.  Choose single or double arm sleeves, double arm straps and calf sleeves from Phantom Weights. Our arm care/velocity package includes an arm sleeve and arm bands, along with a training manual to help you get started. Our baseball/softball starter package includes double arm sleeves and J-bands. The ultimate baseball/softball package includes calf sleeves to improve leg muscles. You may also choose to purchase Phantom Weights separately, and you can order extra weights if you need them. You don’t need to follow any unique program to see improvement in your pitching. Put on the weights and use them when you complete your typical practice sessions.

About Phantom Weights

Phantom Weights are a revolutionary way to improve your athletic skills. Our weights add resistance directly to the specific movements that you make when you pitch. The weights make the movements more powerful and increase your arm speed when throwing. They also increase your hand speed when you swing and add more speed and explosion to your running and jumping. It is safe and easy to use our weights and they don’t compromise your movements. Phantom weights are ideal for all athletes who want to improve their abilities. Contact Phantom Weights today to get started.