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How To Increase Running Speed

Athletes know how essential seconds are in any competition. In races and marathons, a runner may win by only a hundredth of a second. If you participate in any type of running sport, you will benefit from the use of Phantom Weights to increase speed and quickness. You can get the edge you need with our Phantom Weights for practice.

How to Increase Running Speed

Phantom Weights give you an edge over the competition because they train you how to increase running speed. Whether you run short or long distances, you can get better times when you strengthen your muscles. We design our weights to increase the exact muscles that you use when you run and compete. You will attain a faster speed to help you beat the competition. Phantom Weights will give you the edge you need to get to the finish line first.

What Are the Benefits of Phantom Weights?

When you use Phantom Weights, you will enjoy some important benefits. Using our weights will increase your running speed and your quickness. You will increase the explosion off the block to give you a boost over competitors. Phantom Weights strengthens the precise muscles that you use when you run, so you will immediately start to notice an improvement. You can use the weights with your regular drills or practice sessions. You don’t need to perform any new exercises to use our weights. Simply put them on before your typical workout to get the benefits of Phantom Weights. When you train with Phantom Weights, you will see how to increase running speed.

What Phantom Weights Do I Need?

When you want to increase your running speed, you will need to utilize Phantom Weights calf sleeves and double arm sleeves. You use both your arms and legs to gain power when you run. Therefore, you will benefit from using both sets of weights. We offer a special package deal for runners that includes both the calf sleeves and double arm sleeves at a reduced price.  Position calf sleeves on the calf of the legs and arm sleeves on the forearms. Then, train and practice as usual. The strategic placement of the added weight will give you a boost of power and train your muscles to work more efficiently and powerfully.

Choose Phantom Weights

Phantom Weights are revolutionary new products that are made for anyone who plays a sport or participates in any type of activity. Our sleeves fit comfortably on your arms or legs with the help of neoprene. We make them in different sizes so you can choose your best size. Coaches love Phantom Weights because they provide unhindered mobility while you increase your performance. You can continue to train in the same manner while the weights help you reach your top ability. You can wash your weighted sleeves in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. When you are ready to learn how to increase your running speed, start using Phantom Weights to get the most from your workout.