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How To Increase Punching Power

Knowing how to throw a punch with added power is essential to get your opponents respect. While many people have claimed that lifting weights can slow down a fighter and reduce their effectiveness in the ring, research continues to prove that some exercises are very beneficial to punching power. In this post, we'll teach boxers, fighters, and anyone how to increase punching power.

What Are The Exercises That Can Increase Punching Power?

1. Work The Heavy Bag

The heavy bag training can be beneficial to both boxing and MMA-style sport. So throw on your bag gloves and get well-acquainted with the heavy bag.

In ten-second intervals, try hitting the heavy bag hard using the combination of straights, uppercut, and hooks. Then, for 10-15 seconds, perform an active rest time of footwork and light jabs before ramping it up for another 10 seconds.

By doing this for about 1-2 weeks, you will start noticing that you can punch much harder. Make sure you pay close attention to technique, however, because the proper technique will ensure that you are throwing your punches with optimal force.

2. Do Axe Chops

The Axe chops are all about the rotation in the hips. This exercise is similar to the sledgehammer and can be carried out with resistance bands or on a cable machine.

To do Axe chops, make sure you are stable, Have your feet slightly wider and shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms straight locked out with the band in hand. Next, rotate the hips fast and do it hard. Do not pivot your feet; make sure you keep them planted. Chop at it like your chopping down a tree.

When doing this exercise, make sure that you do it from both sides – left and right. Do 3-4 sets and rest no more than 90 seconds between the sets.

3. Medicine Ball Throw

Most fighters who rely on their punching power perform this exercise. There are two variations of this exercise; first, get a medicine ball and lie flat on your back, with the medicine ball in both hands close to the chest. Next, throw the ball straight up by pushing it outwards from your chest. Catch the ball with both hands and repeat.

Second, you can pick a medium weight medicine ball and stand upright in your fighting stance. Using just one hand, take the ball medicine and push forward as hard as you can, throwing the ball against the wall or have a partner catch the ball and throw it back to you. 

Both methods train the explosiveness in your arms and work to increase the power generated from your punching muscle fibers, which is essential when doing exercises for punching harder.

4. Try Isometric Exercises

This type of exercise means holding onto a particular position for a given period. It can be a squad, a pull-up, a push-up, or whatever position. This type of isometric training will help your body learn how to store energy, which in turn will help you punch harder. 

However, one exercise you can do here to increase punching power is "Isometric Wall Punch." To do it, place your fist on the wall and punch into the wall like you're throwing a heavy punch. Your arm should be fully extended, and you should bend your knees a little bit. Keep your wrist straight. The pressure needs to be on your middle knuckle.

You can perform this exercise for 10 seconds and repeat on the other arm. If this is your first time, 10 reps and 3 to 5 sets per arm should be ideal.