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How To Increase Pitching Velocity

Whether you are a semi-professional or professional athlete, or you play baseball or softball for fun, you will want to be the very best that you can be. This will mean making sure that you have the strength and agility that you need to power through each game and to perform well at all times. Today, many athletes are using weighted arm compression sleeves of some sort, which can help you on your quest to learn more about how to increase pitching velocity.

If you are noticing people participating in different sports who are wearing compression sleeves, you need to know that they are there for more than aesthetics. There are weighted compression sleeves that you can use that come with a wide range of health benefits as well. People are finding that these accessories can help with performance for baseball, softball, basketball, boxing, martial arts, and just about any other type of sport or physical activity that requires powerful arm movements.

How Can I Improve My Throwing? 

There are countless exercises and weight training regimens that you can use when you are hoping to improve your throwing ability. However, more and more athletes today are noticing that they get incredible results by training the muscles in their arms with minimal effort by wearing a weighted compression sleeve. 

How Do You Strengthen Your Throwing Arm? 

Using a weighted arm sleeve, it is all about the mechanics of your arm to improve strength and efficiency. The sleeve is there to give you the resistance that you need to build up your muscles without causing any undue stress to the joints in your elbow or shoulders. You will find a variety of compression sleeves that you can use to strengthen your throwing arm to give you just the right amount of resistance with your regular athletic movements.

Do Weight Compression Sleeves Really Work?

Yes. If you have been wondering how to increase pitching velocity, you can do so naturally over a period of time by merely finding the right weight compression sleeve to meet your needs and goals. These sleeves are made with metal weights that are light and flexible so that you have a slight amount of weight added to your regular practice and training methods. Because the weights are resilient and they work with the contour of your body, you will have a sleek fit that will never hinder your mobility in any way. 

If you are interested in learning how to increase pitching velocity, we would love to show you the options available at Phantom Weights. We have beautifully designed weighted compression sleeves geared to athletes of all levels. The compression sleeves add resistance directly to your regular movements while training so that you are working the most critical muscles as you swing and throw. The resistance helps you to turn your regular motions into much more powerful movements so that you can successfully increase hand speed, arm speed, swinging speed, and much more. Before you know it, you will have the power that you need to rise to a new level in the game that you love.