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How To Increase Golf Swing Speed

Golf is an excellent sport for all ages, but it can also be frustrating. When you want to improve your, game, you may need to add more power to your swing. It isn’t easy to change your swing on your own. You need help to learn how to increase your golf swing speed. One of the best innovations to improve your golf game is to use phantom weighted sleeves. We will show you how to increase golf swing speed with our incredible weights.

What Are Phantom Weighted Sleeves?

Phantom Weighted Sleeves are weights that we build into sleeves that you wear on your forearms. The weights give you more body weight and therefore more power when you swing a golf club. You can wear the sleeves for your regular workouts and golf drills and practice sessions. Our sleeves provide you with functional strength training. Because you wear them in strategic locations on your arms, the weights are much more effective than other types of weight training products. Our weighted sleeves strengthen the precise muscles that you use when you swing a golf club.  Our products show you how to increase golf swing speed to improve your game.

Benefits of Phantom Weights for Golf

There are several benefits to Phantom Weights for golf. When you use phantom weights, you will see how to increase golf swing speed. The club speed directly translates into distance. The faster you can swing the club, the more speed and range you will obtain. Phantom Weights strengthen the muscles that you use when you swing your clubs. Therefore, you will be able to improve your strength as you play. You can use weights with any drill or practice routine that you have. Wear your weights to the practice, range, and you will begin training your muscles and improving your club speed.

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed

It is easy to use Phantom Weights to increase golf swing speed. Place the weighted sleeves on your forearms and participate in golf practice as usual. The weights add the precise amount of resistance to your arms to improve power without compromising the mechanics of your swing. Use the sleeves whenever you practice your golf swing to reinforce correct muscle memory. Practice with the same clubs that you usually use when you play an actual round of golf. Using weighted sleeves increases the strength and power that you use to swing the club and therefore you get better distance with your swing.

What Products Do I Need to Use?

We sell a variety of products at Phantom Weights. When you want to increase golf swing speed, you will want to use our double arm sleeves or our double arm straps. We construct our sleeves with stretchable neoprene compression fabric for a custom fit. The double arm straps are made for the wrists while the double arm sleeves fit on the forearms. Both designs provide the same benefits. Order your set of Phantom Weights today to begin to improve your golf game.