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Golf Swing Speed Trainer

If you want distance, you have to learn how to control the acceleration of the golf ball. Phantom Weights is the manufacturer of the number one golf swing speed trainer on the market to help you get the swing speed and distance you want - Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves! With our patented Double Arm Sleeves, you will be able to increase your golf swing speed quickly. Most people experience noticeable results immediately!

What makes Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves the best choice for golf swing speed training is that there are no extras. In other words, you don't have to take a course, take classes, attend coaching sessions, or anything of the sort. Just put your weighted sleeves on and do what you normally do. The science behind Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves is that they strengthen the muscles that are naturally used when golfing, and at the same time, they enforce muscle memory.

What's the Best Golf Swing Speed Trainer?

Phantom Weights golf swing speed trainer is perfect for people who are looking for a golf swing speed training product from a renowned brand. Our weighted sleeves are incredibly versatile and cover the wrists and forearms for added support. Essentially, our Double Arm Sleeves offer strength training of the proper muscle groups in the arms used in golf. The sleeves can also help to protect your arms from injury as well as sunburn while practicing, unlike other training products.

As you practice to increase your golf swing speed, you will appreciate having double arm sleeves. Most brands only sell one sleeve at a time, which means if you want two training sleeves, you will have to purchase two separate sleeves. Phantom Weights gives you two sleeves in one package. Plus, Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves come with a portable carrying case that is quite nifty. Indeed, transportation and proper storage are made easy with Phantom Weights.

Each sleeve comes with a 2.2 oz weight that goes into the sleeve pocket - not too much weight but not too little either. Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves are the ideal product or practicing your golf swing. More strength, more swing speed, and more power are what you will gain from using this golf swing speed trainer.

Choose Phantom Weights and You Can't Go Wrong!

Phantom Weights Double Arm Sleeves are worn by professional golfers and other athletes around the world as a trusted golf swing speed trainer and a high-quality strength trainer. But if you're still not convinced that this product is your best bet, you will be pleased to know that Phantom Weights puts its money where its mouth is! If you are not totally satisfied with your Double Arm Sleeves, we will either allow you to select another product that you want, or we'll reimburse you for the price of the sleeves. Go ahead, give them a try. You've got nothing to lose! Besides, we're to help and make sure you are happy with your purchase at all times.