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Forearm Weights

If you have been hearing about compression sleeves for your arms with weights, you may want to learn more about what they can do for you. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game or you have pain due to an injury or an illness, you should know that the right compression sleeve with forearm weights can make a world of difference.

For Pain

Whether you have a chronic issue or an acute injury, there are ways that you can use compression sleeves to get relief. If you have strained your forearm, the muscles can start to feel stiff and there can be a bit of swelling going on. If you have a severe strain with a lot of pain or even a loss of strength, a weighted compression sleeve can help. These sleeves for the forearm are made to add a slight amount of weight that adds resistance while you go about your regular activities. This is just enough to build the muscle back so that you can once again improve your range of motion for regular daily activities.

For Athletes

No matter what type of sport you are involved in, there are not only times when you may injure yourself, but you might also be looking for ways to improve your performance. Forearm weights are an excellent option to help increase your muscle strength to boost your golf swing, your pitching performance and so much more. These are great accessories to have whether you are simply a workout enthusiast or you are involved in baseball, golf, basketball, karate and a variety of other sporting activities.

Your forearm has a lot of moving parts and all sorts of muscles and tendons that go from your wrist to your elbow. All of the parts in your forearm will work in conjunction with your wrist, elbow, and hand. These muscles support wrist pronation on a constant basis as well as the flexion and extension of your elbow. This is why it is easy to strain a tendon or a muscle whenever you overuse them. There are other cases where someone may develop tendinitis with overuse, which can also be worked out with regular exercises using light weights.

With Phantom Weights, you simply put on the forearm sleeve and go about your regular activities. This means playing the game, working out, and going through regular movements. The small weights in the compression sleeve are there to give you just the right amount of resistance so that you are safely working your muscles and building up the strength in your forearms, hand, wrist, and elbow.

Phantom Weights sleeves are forearm weights just right for helping you to add something extra to your regular routine. Once you put them on, you barely know that they are there. Crafted from lightweight material that is also durable and breathable, these forearm sleeves with weights are exactly what every athlete needs as well as patients that are looking to treat injuries and work on building strength back up in your forearms.