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Compression Sleeve with Weights

Regardless of the sport that you are involved in or the workout activities that you enjoy, you may hear of people using weighted arm sleeves. These are basically a compression sleeve with weights that are quickly becoming a favorite accessory throughout the workout and sporting world. What they do is offer resistance that makes it easy for you to strength train just about anywhere. 

Why Weighted Sleeves? 

An arm sleeve with weights will help you whenever you want to improve strength and speed in your shoulders, arms, back, chest, and core. Whether you are a casual exerciser or an athlete, these sleeves are just right for helping you to amplify your workout. These sleeves are an ideal accessory to have for a variety of sports activities, including baseball, boxing, martial arts, and just about any sort of physical activity that calls for powerful arm movements.

If you are hoping to stay competitive and you want to be able to get the most out of the workout routine that you have for your upper body and arms, these are a fantastic accessory to help.

How They Work 

A compression sleeve with weights works by way of arm mechanics. The strength and efficiency of your arm movement end up being the key to development for your pitching, jump shots, golf swing, and more. You just slip on the weighted arm sleeve, and you go about your regular training and workouts using your natural movements. The included weights will give you all the resistance that you need to effortlessly build your arm and upper body strength. This is all done without ever causing undue stress with your elbow joints and shoulders. 

Design Makes a Difference

While there are a number of weighted sleeves available on the market, you want to find one that is made using the best materials and design so that you can get the results you are looking for. The last thing that you want is a bulky sleeve that gets in your way as you try to go about your exercises and training. Ergonomic styling is critical so that you are able to move freely and get the right amount of resistance with each motion.

Along with the craftsmanship of the weighted sleeves, the material is equally important. Looking for a compression sleeve with included weights that is lightweight and breathable is always a plus. It is also best to have a strong seam that is also going to be comfortable when wearing.

When you go with Phantom Weights, you are getting a quality-crafted product that is nothing like any of the other weighted training aids on the market today. You will find the right compression sleeve with weights to strategically position the right amount of weight exactly where you need it on your arms or your legs so that you can get the resistance that you are after. Regardless of the athletic activity, you are involved in, our weighted sleeves are just right for sports of all kinds, and you will see and feel the difference within minutes of having our sleeves on.