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Baseball Training Equipment For Hitting

Phantom Weights has created the ideal baseball training equipment for hitting- and it delivers exceptional results just by training as usual. Wear Phantom Weights' weighted sleeves during training and see immediate results- our sleeves will help you hit farther, throw harder, and run faster with no special training or additional workout. Just practice like you usually do and see a more powerful game on the field.

How Do Weighted Sleeves Work?

The brilliance of weighted sleeves lies in the fact that the player is not required to incorporate any unique movements or added workout time into their regular training routine. Our sleeves differ from others because they're ultra-comfortable and come in a variety of sizes to match your arm dimensions. Use our website's size chart to select the right sleeves and just wear during practice, using the same equipment you normally use during training. Take off the sleeves after practice and notice the difference in your ability to hit harder and farther.

What is the Best Type of Sports Training Enhancement?

At Phantom Weights, we believe that the equipment used by athletes must not disrupt repetitive muscle activity, sometimes referred to as an athlete's Autonomic Nervous System. Our weighted sleeves are the best baseball training equipment for hitting precisely because they've been designed not to mess with the mechanics of what an athlete is doing during training. When you wear our sleeves, you'll strengthen the specific muscle groups used in the game, reinforcing correct muscle memory. The results are predictable and consistent: increased power, speed, and strength.

Testing is Conclusive

Using Phantom Weights is proven the easiest and most effective way to become more powerful in your desired motions- and more power translates to increased hitting speed. Even as you get stronger, our sleeves will continue to build strength and power in muscle groups. All of the players who performed in our tests experienced gains in ball exit speed, with an average of +5 MPH, with some players gaining 10 MPH, an equivalent to 20-25 ft in extra distance. You can read the details of our tests when you click the menu link and click on the 'Performance Studies' link.

Learn More

Explore all of the resources on the Phantom Weights website to learn more about the unique advantages of using our products. If you want to improve your game, jumpstart your game, or get back in the game, our weighted sleeves are the ideal training tool to get you where you want to go.

Training Kits

Check out our Ultimate Baseball/Softball Package considered the best baseball training equipment for hitting; the kit includes arm and leg sleeves, J-bands, and a Phantom hat- the best-of-its-kind product available on the market today for delivering the kind of results you're looking for. Reach out to us with your questions- we're here to help you with your order as well. Don't forget to read through a few of our website's testimonials to see what other athletes are saying about Phantom Weights.