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Ideal for: Baseball/Softball/Golf/Tennis/Lacrosse/Hockey

This is an essential product for any athlete looking to develop QUICKER HANDS, FASTER SWING SPEED, and MORE POWER when swinging or shooting. The strap design allows for the convenience of quickly taking the weight on/off. 

By placing the weight on the body, the athlete is able to add resistance to the swinging/shooting motion, which strengthens the exact muscle groups used when swinging/shooting. This directly results in increased STRENGTH, POWER and SWING SPEED! The athlete is also able to still use the same bat/club/racquet/etc they'd use in a game so as to not lose that game feel--practice like you play.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy on/off
  • Incorporate with any swinging/shooting motion
  • Improves Hand Speed
  • Increases Swing Speed
  • Increases Power and Exit Velocity
  • Does not compromise or interfere with mechanics
  • Train with the same equipment you’d use in a game


Wrist Model vs Forearm Model: the only difference is the forearm model is  longer and can accommodate up to 1lb, while the wrist model can accommodate up to 1/2lb. Deciding which is right for you is simply user preference. Both designs provide the same benefits.

  • Wrist model comes with 4-2oz weights
  • Forearm model comes with 4-2oz weights.

***Youth sizing would be the wrist model used around the forearm***


The sleeves are constructed with a stretchable neoprene compression fabric that provides each user a SECURE and CUSTOM fit. The flexible weights and compression strap conform to the athlete’s arms, preventing slipping. The strap design with the "T" end allows for the convenience of quickly taking the weight on and off...perfect for those athlete's wanting to incorporate without wasting time in their training.

    Double Arm Straps

    Phantom Weights


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